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Little Free Libraries, Asheville, NC

Since the first time I saw a Little Free Library over 15 years ago, I have enjoyed spotting these little lending libraries in every city I go to. It had long been a dream to have a little library of my own, so when we moved into our new-to-us house, I worked to make that dream a reality.

If you are interested in being a steward of your own little free library, visit Little Free Library for details. This org sells premade libraries and provides instructions to build your own.

My goal was to make my own library using as many materials I could that I already had on hand. I enlisted my dad to help and he made the house part with old MDF based on measurements I requested. I painted the house, added decorative trim, added shingles for the roof, and constructed the post stand from a 4X4. I then registered the library so I could receive an official charter number and sign.

Since we planted our library over a year ago, it's been so rewarding to see folks stop by, borrow books, leave books, or just pause for a moment to look over the current selection. I wanted to share a few thoughts and tips I’ve learned from being a Little Free Library steward over the past year:

📚 Asheville has SO many amazing little libraries (your city probably does too)! Little Free Library has a handy dandy app with a map showing the locations of registered libraries in the area. The app's check-in feature is helping me achieve my goal of visiting all the little libraries in Asheville.

📚 Besides walking our dog, our little library has been the best way to meet our neighbors. Folks we might not have met otherwise have stopped by to borrow a book or introduce themselves. My introverted self loves this built in icebreaker and easy way to get to know our community.

📚 Little libraries are testaments that small spaces can have big personalities! I’ve seen little libraries built into tree stumps, microwaves turned into book mobiles, and grandfather clocks that now share books. Decorating the library and making it festive for seasons and holidays has brought me a silly amount of joy. Future theme suggestions for the library are welcome!

📚 I’m always inspired to see other little libraries - the small acts of kindness they provide and the books they are sharing. As a library steward, I try to make sure that our little space is inclusive and welcoming to all. I check in on our book selection every few days and donate books that have sat for a while and trash anything racist, bigoted, xenophobic, or anti-LGBTQ+. (This has only happened once, but I have zero tolerance for hate in the library)

📚 DIVERSTORIES is doing amazing work amplifying diverse voices books and highlighting that representation matters in the stories we are reading, sharing, and recommending. Give them a follow!

📚 Beyond the books, I love the glimpses of human connection little lending libraries can provide. Finding inscriptions in books makes my day. Note to self to always write a message in a book when passing it along to a friend. It’s a good reminder that a handwritten note can speak volumes!

Do you have a favorite Little Free Library in your neighborhood? I would love to hear about it!


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