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Best Plants for Home Staging

Fresh flowers and greenery add a lot of life to a space. If you are staging your house to sell, adding a potted plant or flower arrangement to each room can create a welcoming vibe. In my home staging and design work, I have found that some plants show well without being divas who need a lot of attention. Here are my suggestions for easy plants that will stay alive despite your benign neglect.

Heart Leaf Philodendron

This inexpensive vining plant has the sweetest heart shaped leaves (perfect for a Valentine’s Day gift too!). They’re best in bright, indirect light. The heart leaf philodendron shows well on a bookshelf or side table. As I learned how to say from my nephew, this little buddy has rizz.

heart leaf plant sitting on books

Pothos Plant

Pothos are one of the easiest indoor plants to keep alive and thrive! They prefer bright, indirect light, but can still manage in medium to low light. With trailing vines and large heart shaped leaves, pothos look great on a kitchen counter, bookshelf, or entry table.

pothos plant in a blue vase sitting on entry table

ZZ Plant

Don’t sleep on the ZZ plant! Care is minimal and they are drought resistant. One of my favorite houseplants for home staging (because potential buyers aren’t good at watering). This is also a favorite for decorating my own home since it doesn’t get a ton of direct light.

green plant sits in front of pink wall


If you are adding fresh cut flowers or greenery to your home, I would recommend low maintenance, long lasting stems like Israeli ruscus greenery, eucalyptus, or billy balls. Trader Joe's is my go-to spot for affordable flowers.  

Israeli Ruscus

I have had bunches of Israeli Ruscus last for months. (!!!) making these deep green and leafy stems excellent for home staging. They make a great centerpiece in a piece of pottery or look lovely in a vase on an entry table.


Want to make a beautiful and impactful bouquet, without using any finicky flowers? Try a bouquet of Eucalyptus. Coming in a variety of leaf shapes and shades, Eucalyptus is a long lasting greenery option, perfect for home staging.

Billy Balls

Also called Billy Buttons, Wollyheads, and Drumsticks. These goofy balls add a punch of color to a floral display. They don't need water to stay plump and yellow, so go ahead and leave them and forget them. My favorite type of plant maintenance! If anyone knows why they’re called Billy Balls, I would love to hear.

yellow ball flowers in a vase sitting on a shelf

I'm curious – what’s your favorite house plant and why?


Cheers to all my green thumb buddies this year!


Tralala Interiors offers home staging consultations and hands-on staging in Asheville, NC. These services are perfect for real estate professionals with listings that could benefit from a little TLC or the DIY homeowner who wants expert advice to prepare their home to sell.


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