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Decorate Your Office. Don’t Break the Bank.

Whether you’re a work-from-home aficionado or a water cooler gabber, your workspace impacts your productivity, mood, and well-being. A well-decorated office boosts creativity, reduces stress, and increases motivation. It also creates a more inspiring environment to meet with clients and colleagues. 

I recently helped Mindset Coach, Missy Frisch, transform her boring, beige, corporate office into a space more reflective of her and her growing business. We used the furniture already in the room, while affordably creating a warm and welcoming space for her to virtually welcome her clients.

an office space before styling and after styling

A few budget-friendly ways to create your own elevated office space: 

Eliminate Unnecessary Furniture.

Make your office easy to navigate. To avoid the space feeling cluttered, consider each piece of furniture and decide if it’s needed and functional. Extra surfaces collect extra clutter, so streamlining your furniture will help to keep the space organized.

Create Cohesion with Accessories.

Your office might have corporate-looking furniture, or you might be using a hodge podge of furnishings for your home office that didn’t have a place elsewhere in your house. A great way to enhance corporate furniture or mismatched pieces is to bring in coordinating accessories, like pillows, desk organizers, and personal mementos. 

Soften the Space with Ambient Lighting.

Nothing says a corporate office like bright fluorescent lights. Add ambient lighting to create a more welcoming office space. A desk lamp with a linen shade or a floor lamp next to a guest chair can really warm up your office space. 

Add a Personal Touch with Artwork.

Sure, you’re mostly in your office to work, but you don’t have to leave your personality or interests at the door. Does nature inspire you? Consider nature scenes to bring the outdoors in. Is your pup your best friend? Frame that pooch, so you can look at them all day long. Love to travel? Travel-inspired posters or blown up photos from your favorite trips will keep you dreaming of your next adventure. 

Liven it Up with Plants. 

Plants are an easy and affordable way to personalize your office. Check out this post for the best plants to use that are low maintenance and fill out a space nicely.


Are you a practitioner that meets with clients face-to-face or virtually? Tralala Interiors offers office space and waiting room styling services to therapists, counselors, and other practitioners, because the space you meet your clients can dramatically impact their experience.

You focus on serving your clients. I’ll take care of your surroundings. 


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