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Selling Your House? Don’t Sleep on a Home Staging Consultation

Some have described the Asheville, NC housing market as a roller coaster. Regardless of the ups and downs of the market, hiring a home stager is a smart investment. It helps your listing show in the best light and shine compared with other homes. A professional home stager can help a listing sell faster and for a higher price. From strategic color choices to furniture arrangement, home staging transforms each room into a buyer's dream, making your property more appealing to more people. 

And it’s not just me saying this. A study from the Real Estate Staging Association showed that staged homes sold 9 days faster than unstaged homes and 73% of staged homes sold for over list price. 

Here are five reasons why a home staging consultation is a must when selling your house. 


Highlights your home’s strengths and downplays its weaknesses.

I tell clients all the time that “no one is expected to live in a staged home.” However when selling your home, it’s vital to get expert insight into how your home will appeal to the most buyers. Professional home stagers use expertise in design and buyer psychology to present your house in the best light.

before and after photos of a living room with a pink chair and brown couch

Is affordable.

There are different kinds of staging. If you’ve moved all your furniture and decor out of your house, I would suggest a “vacant stage” where a home stager brings in all new items. That service is great, but it’s a lot more expensive. A home staging consultation provides you with expert advice and suggestions using your own furniture and decor. You can then work these suggestions into your budget and timeline. 

before and after photos of a living room with a fireplace and a black couch

Provides you with a detailed priority list of action items

You can just go down the list to get your house ready to sell. If you are overwhelmed with the process of selling your home, a home staging consultation is a great place to start. Tell your real estate agent that you’re getting a consultation so they can plan it into the timeline.

a bedroom transformed by paint color

Helps during the emotional experience of moving. 

Selling a home can be challenging because homeowners have emotional attachments to their space and possessions. A home stager helps you organize, pare down furnishings, and navigate this big transition with care and understanding. 

a dining room before and after a home staging consultation

Allows your real estate agent more time to sell your house. 

Getting expert advice from an industry professional is really important during a big life event like selling a house. Bringing in a home stager for a consultation allows the agent more time to focus on marketing the listing and bringing in a lot of potential buyers.

a bedroom with twin beds and yellow pillows

Tralala Interiors offers home staging consultations and hands-on staging in and around Asheville, NC. These services are perfect for real estate professionals with listings that could benefit from a little TLC or the homeowner who wants expert advice to prepare their home to sell for top dollar.


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