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5 Reasons to Partner with a Home Stager

Homes are staying on the market longer these days. The seller’s market of a year ago is starting to tip toward buyers. A professional home stager can make the difference to sell a listing faster and earn more for your client and yourself. A Home Staging Consultation is a great, cost-effective way to involve your clients to set up a successful listing and sale. Here are the five top reasons to partner with a home stager:

1. Staged homes sell faster and for more money than their unstaged neighbors.

According to a recent survey from the Real Estate Staging Association, 73% of staged homes sold for over list price and sold 9 days faster than unstaged homes. As the Asheville housing market experiences ebbs and flows, hiring a home stager helps to ensure your listings show in the best light and will make the houses you are representing shine compared with others on the market.

2. Sellers often can’t see their own “stuff” and can’t view their home and furnishings objectively because it’s too personal to them.

This is where bringing in a professional home stager is so helpful. A home stager will assess the homeowner’s possessions, advise on items that should be moved out or donated, and recommend what items the homeowner should highlight. Selling a home can be challenging mentally, and many homeowners have emotional attachments to their space and possessions. A good home stager will help organize and pare down materials in the house, while helping the homeowner navigate this transition with care and understanding.

3. Buyers can’t see past the current homeowner’s “stuff.” Staging helps buyers visualize themselves living there.

Even if a house has good bones, it’s really hard for buyers to see potential in a house if there is clutter or if the furnishings have a distinctive style. A home stager will help homeowners create warm and welcoming spaces that will appeal to the whole spectrum of potential buyers. The goal of home staging is to create a home that buyers can envision living in.

4. Home staging keeps the listing timeline on track by creating spaces that are photo ready and in pristine condition for viewings.

Often homeowners are overwhelmed with all the things they need to do to prep their house to sell. Hiring a professional stager to provide a staging consultation or assist the owner with hands-on staging can streamline the process and keep your homeowners on track to complete the priority action items to get their house sold.

5. It’s helpful to have a third-party expert to suggest organization and staging needs to your client.

During the stressful moving process, these conversations can be hard - bringing in an industry expert to share staging insights with your homeowner takes the burden off you and allows you to focus on all the other aspects of listing the home.


Do you have a listing that could benefit from a professional Home Staging Consultation? Every staging consultation includes a Staging Report with detailed recommendations and checklists for the homeowner, covering furniture arrangement and flow, space utilization and scale, color, organization, lighting, window treatments, outside curb appeal, and more. Reach out to schedule this 2-hour consultation that will make your listing rise above others on the market.


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