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5 Tips to Stage your Living Room to Sell

Preparing your house to sell? Buyers will be envisioning spending a lot of time relaxing and entertaining in the living room. Make staging this space a priority! Below are 5 tips to create an environment that buyers really want to live in.

1. Clear the clutter.

The living room should be a living room. Not an office, exercise room, or play room. Eliminate as much excess stuff as possible. Edit down items on bookshelves/built-ins and group “collections” together.

2. Establish a main focal point.

Furniture should be arranged in a conversation friendly configuration and make the established focal point stand out. Fireplaces, large windows, and accent walls with art are all great focal points to highlight.

3. Define spaces with area rugs.

Area rugs help to define the space of a seating area and are recommended for non-carpeted and carpeted floors. Avoid floating rugs. Rugs should be at least 5’ X 8’ and large enough for at least the front feet of the couch to go over. (long side of rug goes under front feet of couch)

4. Update window treatments.

Some window treatments can really date a space. To refresh the living room, the first step is to remove outdated window coverings. Opt for simple light filtering white curtains or leave windows free of treatments if the window frames are in good shape.

5. Add emotional connection points.

Add in accessories and finishing touches to make the space feel like home. A basket filled with throws, fresh flowers in a vase, and a stack of coffee table books are all finishing touches that will help the buyer connect with the space and envision themselves living there.


Living room staging is just one of the topics that I cover during a Home Staging Consultation. In this in-home “walk-and-talk” staging consultation, we will create a customized Staging Report to document everything that needs to be done to put the home in the best light for buyers. This service is perfect for real estate professionals with listings that could benefit from a little TLC or the DIY homeowner that wants expert advice as they prepare their home to sell.


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