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Curb Appeal: Home Staging Suggestions to Make Your Outdoors Inviting to Buyers

If you are selling your house, a main focus should be curb appeal! This first impression is all-important because it sets the tone for the way the buyer will view the rest of the house. The goal is to start on a positive note outside and have that feeling carry throughout the rest of the home tour.

If you are lucky to have outdoor space at your home, even a small patio or balcony, it's key to highlight this feature so buyers can envision relaxing and entertaining here. The Asheville area has such great outdoor weather for most of the year, so outdoor space often functions as an additional living space. When staging your house to sell, be sure to follow my staging suggestions below that won’t break the bank, but make a big first impression.

  1. Keep grass mowed and edges trimmed regularly.

  2. Add new mulch to beds for a clean, fresh look.

  3. Hide trash cans and recycling bins out of view.

  4. Trim trees and hedges for a clean look and to let light in the house.

  5. Power wash walkway, entry area, and siding.

  6. Add large flower pots of colorful flowers on the stairs or on the side of the front door.

  7. Add a new large doormat to welcome in guests.

  8. Consider updating the outside lighting and house numbers if they are dated, rusting, or not in scale with the house.

  9. Consider painting the front door a modern color if the paint is faded or chipping.

  10. If the house has a deck or large patio, add an outdoor dining table and chairs so buyers envision this space as an additional eating and entertaining area. Add an outdoor rug and colorful umbrella to add a pop of color to the space.

  11. If the house has a small patio or balcony, add a bistro table and two chairs so buyers envision this space as an additional eating and relaxing area. Add an outdoor rug and colorful pillows to brighten up the space.


Curb Appeal is just one of the topics that I cover during a Staging Consultation. During the in-home “walk-and-talk” staging consultation, we will go through the home together room-by-room and create a customized Staging Report and Checklist that prioritizes the action items you should focus on to put your house in the best light for photos and viewings.


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