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Renter-Friendly Interior Design Ideas

You don’t have to start from scratch or knock down walls to turn your space into the welcoming sanctuary you dream of. A renter for most of my adult life, I leaned on design ideas that didn’t break the bank or get me in trouble with my landlord. Even if my living situation was temporary, turning my apartment into a home was always important to me.

Today, I love finding creative ways to update rental spaces for others.

I recently redesigned a ground floor rental space and used many design ideas that are both renter friendly and make a big impact. If you are renting or looking for affordable ways to transform your home, here are some things to focus on:

1. Furniture Arrangement

You may not want to invest in new furniture in a rental if you aren’t sure it can transition with you. Rearranging your existing furniture can give your space a fresh look without any financial commitment. Experiment with different layouts to find the one that works best for the flow and function of your space.

A living room before and after with the furniture moved.
The pink chair and brown couch had to stay. Changing the furniture layout of this room transforms the space!

2. Removable Wallpaper

Wallpaper is sticking around in style! If you can’t paint, one of the easiest ways to add color and pattern to your walls is by using removable wallpaper. It comes in a wide variety of designs, and you can easily peel it off when it's time to move out. Removable wallpaper is great to use for an accent wall or small space that needs a pop of color.

Removeable blue wallpaper updates a bedroom with a white bed.
Removeable wallpaper in a bold print brightens up the previously drab bedroom.

3. Area Rugs

Area rugs pull a seating area together, anchor a bed, and provide color and warmth to a rental space. I use area rugs on all surfaces, even over existing carpet, to define an area and add texture to a space.

4. Window Treatments

Hardware stores sell faux wood blinds that can be cut to the exact measurements you need. This is an affordable way to get the look and privacy of custom window treatments, without the price tag. Don’t forget to layer in curtains. Curtains add texture, warmth, and a finished look to any space. My tip for hanging curtains is to hang them higher and wider than the window frame to make the window appear larger.

brown couch and pink chair sit infront of a window with curtains.
Faux wood blinds and patterned curtains provide privacy and polish to this rental.

5. Cabinet Hardware

While you most likely won’t be able to change the cabinets in a rental, you can update their look with new hardware. Hardware is easy to switch out with a screwdriver or drill and makes a big impact!

6. Peel-and-Stick Tiles

Backsplashes are great! But a lot of work to install in a rental, even if your landlord would allow it. Peel-and-stick tiles are a great way to get the tile look without the mess of grouting.

A galley kitchen with peel and stick tile.
Peel and Stick Tile makes a modern impact in this rental kitchen.

With these renter-friendly interior design ideas, you can turn your rental space into a place that truly feels like home. Get creative, have fun, and make your space uniquely yours!


Tralala Interiors specializes in approachable and fun interior decorating in Asheville, NC. You don’t have to start from scratch to create a beautiful space. We will work together, using the furnishings you love, to update the flow & aesthetic of each room, making spaces that are warm, cozy, & reflective of you.


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