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What’s In A Name?!

I often get asked where the name Tralala Interiors came from. I grew up in a military family, and every few years we moved to a new house, new city, and sometimes new country. In each place we were stationed, I remember my mom singing a little ditty as we arrived home.

“Home again, home again, Tra-la-la.”

A girl in a white wedding dress, looking at her mom, wearing a blue dress.
Me and My Mom- the inspiration behind the name Tralala.

Back then, I’m sure I rolled my eyes or had some other kid-like reaction to my mom singing a silly song. But now, I smile at this sweet memory. I appreciate that it expresses joy in the simple act of coming home. I created Tralala Interiors with this sentiment in mind.

My goal is to design homes that are comfortable, welcoming, and the softest of landing spots. Two years after opening Tralala’s doors, I’m still so excited to create spaces where folks can delight in the simple act of coming home.

A woman wearing a black dress sits on a couch holding a coffee mug. A dog lays on the wood floor in front of her.

Does your business name have a backstory? I would love to hear about it in the comments!


Based out of Asheville, NC, Tralala Interiors specializes in occupied home staging, design, and interior styling. As an HSR Certified Home Staging and Redesign professional, I'm here to help you stage your house for a successful sale or fall back in love with your own home. I believe staging and design should be approachable and not just for luxury spaces - my design process follows that same philosophy.


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