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What the Bleep is Occupied Home Staging?!

When I tell folks I am a home stager, sometimes I get blank stares. Other times folks will ask where I store my inventory. Many people think stagers have a warehouse of homegoods they use to furnish and decorate an empty house. I clarify that I specialize in occupied home staging, a type of staging that uses the homeowner’s furnishings to get their house ready to sell.

When stagers bring their furniture into an empty house, it’s called vacant home staging. These types of home staging have different advantages, return on investment, and circumstances where they make the most sense.

I love the challenge and creativity that occupied home staging requires. Occupied home staging also provides many benefits for homeowners and real estate professionals:

Homeowners can Keep Living in the Home

Some sellers might not be able to move into a new space during the selling process. During the occupied home staging process, homeowners often live in the house and use their furnishings.

Occupied Home Staging Maximizes a Homeowner’s Furniture and Décor

Professional home stagers provide expert insight about what furniture and décor should stay in the house. We suggest what should be rearranged and what should be donated. With our expert eye for design, we offer suggestions for the best furniture layouts and how to repurpose your décor. Stagers might also suggest purchasing additional accessories to make a space cohesive and appealing to buyers.

A Staged Home Shows Better than its Sad, Unstaged Neighbors

Over 90% of home buyers look at homes online before seeing them in person. If you’re selling your home at the same time as the Joneses down the street, you’ll want your house to outshine theirs in the online photos and in person. Your return on investment will reward you! According to the Real Estate Staging Association, staged homes sold 9 days faster than unstaged homes. That means that the seller can get paid sooner to move on to their next home. And agents have more time to sell more houses.

Occupied Home Staging Minimizes a Home’s Quirks

Home stagers are experts at furniture arrangement, art placement, and color selection. Fresh paint and accessories can distract from a dated bathroom. A new furniture layout can maximize limited square footage. And removing heavy drapery can completely transform a room. Using our expert knowledge, we offer tips and tricks to accentuate the positive in a home, while minimizing the negative.

It can be Much More Affordable

By using home owners’ furniture and décor, occupied home staging can be more affordable and sustainable than starting from scratch with an empty house. And it still delivers a great impact and return on investment.


Tralala Interiors offers home staging consultations and hands-on staging in Asheville, NC. These services are perfect for real estate professionals with listings that could benefit from a little TLC or the DIY homeowner who wants expert advice to prepare their home to sell.


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